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My name is Lizzie Meates and I’m the owner/author/proud mama of this website.

I grew up in Aoteaora (New Zealand) in and around the cities of Porirua and Wellington but like many Kiwis I ventured beyond the nest and now reside in the UK (Kiwis are known for travelling far and wide). I like to walk around bare foot and I enjoy my food (Kiwis can be very Hobbitish). I also love a good game of rugger (I don’t disappoint that particular Kiwi stereotype). I am a long suffering, but still loyal, supporter of the Wellington Lions and ‘Canes. I like music and play am learning the guitar. I like to read and to write. I like to cook and make things. I grew up fascinated by aircraft and still like to attend airshows. I don’t watch a lot of TV but I do like Sci-Fi. My first crush was MacGyver. I approach life via the Golden Rule. I like nerdy things, I like naff things and the peculiar fascinates me. I am an eclectic Kiwi Scori-orpi-orpio Girl, lover the naff, nerdy and peculiar. Below are the answers to some questions that you may have, but feel free to ask if you have another questions that isn’t there.

Why lizziemeates.com – what happened to shininglikeadiamond?

Sadly, shininglikeadiamond was taken as a dot com site so I had to come up with a new site name. I tried on some new cyber personae but none felt right, until I tried my name and that felt good and so lizziemeates.com was born. Never fear though, the spirit of shininglikeadiamond lives on here, just in a different home.

What was shininglikeadiamond? What did it stand for?

Bascially for me, it summed up an ethos and approach to life. Check out shininglikeadiamond for the explanation.

For extra points of awesomeness – how do you pronouce your surname?

Basically you ignore the first e – so its pronounced like mates – and yes there are extra points of awesomeness to those who pronounce it correctly.

MacGyver? Really?!

Yep. Angus MacG is the epitome of cool.


About Lizzie — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Lizzie,
    Came across Shininglikeadiamond through Google and just loved your Wellington posts. I grew up in the Hutt Valley and moved away for two years in 2010. I’ve been back six months now and I’ve just fallen in love with the place. I love how you summed up all its best qualities – isn’t it amazing how easy it is to take your home town for granted? Us kiwis (myself included) have this crazy inclination to travel far and wide to “find themselves” and seek the finer things in life, often not realising it was all right there in front of them the whole time. Not that I begrudge you for living in London – I always wanted to do the same and am planning a trip over there for 2014. Anyway, love your writing, really refreshing.
    Sarah 🙂

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Sarah!
      It’s all too true that most of us take our home town for granted. Visiting Wellington after being away certainly helped me to truly appreciate how awesome it is as a city. I’m sure by the time I make it back for good after my meanderings over here I’ll appreciate it even more!

      • Hey Lizzie, I am a Kiwi ‘Meates’ too so we must be related in some way as NZ isn’t very big. Love to know more about you. I am from Christchurch but have lived in the UK since 1984. Bernie

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