Charlie Bradbury

Yesterday was almost a Charlie Bradbury entrance day. Except the entrance was not confined to an elevator, it was an almost a public Charlie Bradbury day. As I walked into work I was both in an excellent mood (not sure why) and the extra-shot coffee had kicked in (this may have been why). The Charlie Bradbury is one of my current three preferred methods of entering the office. I save these entrances for the days when I arrive a silly o’clock and there is nobody else around. Otherwise, once the the big and little hands strike normal o’clock, I will walk in like everyone else.

Here I will share with y’all the current three lizziemeates entrance styles. Honestly, they make arriving at work sooo much more interesting…and life should be more interesting. So I would recommend trying at least one of them or inventing your own and just ignore all the strange looks of others. 

The Wrestler a.k.a. Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role style. As I walk in and the lights automatically flicker on, I imagine an announcer:

On her way to her desk…blown all the way from Wellington, New Zealand…weighing…pounds*…the 9 1/2 Wonder of the World…Taz!

Then the mice and I-don’t-wanna-know-what-else-that-creeps-around-the-office-before-the-cockerel-sounds all go wild. Or scatter out of the way. Probably the latter, I actually haven’t yet seen any but I have heard rumours of the plethora of little office friends found in London so I assume that’s the case.

The Charlie Bradbury aka dancing while wired for sound style. Not necessarily boogying down to ‘Walking on Sunshine’ but you get the idea. Incidentally, I would not begrudge a Dean Winchester helping me to take down an evil Dick. Then again, I would not begrudge Dean Winchester many things. He is the 21st century version of Mr Darcy.

The Snake aka MGS Tactical Stealth Espionage style. This was suggested to me by my brother and it is brilliant in its simple ability to frustrate. The Snake is the challenge to enter the office without setting off the automatic lights. Sadly, I am yet to enter the office without triggering the first eco-light-saving-bugger and thus tripping the Alert! calling in reinforcements and causing the Soliton radar to go phut (or worse, causing Campbell to yell dramatically ‘Snaaaaaake!’ into your ear as you bit yet another bullet). The real frustration of this challenge is that one must then wait until either 1) the next day to attempt the challenge again or 2) wait until the automatic lights go off before attempting it again. The second option can prove a bit awkward once your co-workers start to arrive as yelling ‘Wait! Do not enter the office until the lights go off. I must complete the first level! Rex must be stopped! Liquid cannot win!’ would just be outright weird…

*Genuinely, I don’t know what I wight in pounds and ounces. More importantly, beyond mere curiosity, I don’t actually care what I weigh in pounds and ounces.

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