Lincolnshire Lancaster Association Day 2009

Sunday was Lincolnshire Lancaster Association (LLA) day, an annual event for members (and non-members who park up along the fence of the air base) that culminates in a display by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF).  As I’ve detailed in a previous post aircraft are cool so it should be of no surprise that 1) I am a member of the LLA and 2) that come Sunday I wandered down to RAF Coningsby with my camera, lunch and fold away chair (indispensable at air shows). 

Prior to the afternoon’s flying, the BBMF were put on display to allow enthusiasts an opportunity to take as many photos as desired.  I’m yet to procure a really decent camera, so my photos aren’t as gorgeous as they could have been, which is a shame as at this stage the sun was actually shinning! 

One by one the flight took off, and after a brief absence for a photo-op over Woodhall Spa, came back for their fly-pasts and displays.  Unfortunately, my good luck with the camera at Waddington earlier in the year deserted me on Sunday.  Nevertheless I did manage one photo that I’m happy to share:

Full Size BBMF Flight

Not much, but something, and better than nothing.  This was the only fly past with the full flight, and despite the missing wing of the Dakota, I’m amazed that my old little camera managed to capture any of it at all!

However, the highlight of the afternoon was the appearance of the Vulcan.  Which I almost missed.  The Vulcan’s appearance had been cancelled out on the programme, and as I had to skedaddle at 1530, I missed any announcement to the contrary.  So it was rather fortuitous that on the way home the Vulcan was spotted out the window and the car stopped in time to see it fly over. 

Finally, this year I decided to make a batch of cupcakes especially for the occasion and in a fit of domestic goddess-ness, settled on an appropriate decoration:

RAF Cupcakes 2

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