Read this when sad

My wallet is a bit like the TARDIS: there is more in there than its size would otherwise suggest. Sadly (or not depending on your point of view) it holds more memories than money right at this very moment. On any given day you may find amongst the bits and pieces in there one or more of the following:

  • The guitar pick that came with my first guitar which was also a present from my brother*
  • Photos of my niece and nephew that are at least eighteen months out of date but I can’t bear to take out
  • The following note which was handed to me while I still wore a school uniform (and therefore many moons ago, last century even):

This little note doesn’t look like much: a strip of paper torn from a notebook during a science lesson which I then covered with duraseal at some point in its history to slow down the ravages of time. That particular year I had missed a lot of school due to glandular fever and I was going through that moody, angsty teenager phase. You know the one with sulks and scowls and long sullen looks? Anyway, I must have looked pretty down on that particular day because Anushka (an especially lovely friend) wrote me that note and then passed it to me. Insides it read:


Over the last thirteen years I’ve kept this note with me, mostly in my wallet, but sometimes just lying around my room where it is temporarily lost and then rediscovered. I’ve kept it as a reminder that sometimes you receive words of kindness when you least expect them – which is precisely the moment you need them – and because I like the sentiment. There’s plenty out there to be sad about but there’s plenty more to be glad about and those start with the littlest of things and expand to the grandest of things. Sure, that could sound trite to apathetic ears but that doesn’t negate the sentiment’s value. So I’m sharing this little note with you, especially if you’re feeling sad.

Glad that I live am I

That the sky is blue

Glad for the country rain

And for the fall of dew

After the sun the rain, after the rain the sun

This is the way of life till the day is done

Lizzie x

*She was pink, with nylon strings and her name was Dolly but I had to leave her behind when I left NZ

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